Our NEW website is up and running…

And our Courses are now also online!

To visit the new site, click www.Open-Leaf.com and a new tab/page will open up in your browser.

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Teaching our kids…

Teaching our kids why they should believe in themselves and follow their dreams, will stand us ALL in good stead.

But there are too many conflicting messages out there and so, they too, will more than likely soon find themselves (despite our best intentions) struggling to discover what it is, they would be so great at doing.

As parents we all want the best for our children. We want them to live happy, fulfilled lives and engage in work that allows them to use their natural gifts and abilities. Most of all we want them to use their potential to the full! Easier said than done of course and many of us have learnt the hard way that this isn’t always easy!

However, there is now a solution… in a pocket guide!

A proud dad of two (both now at Uni.). My passion in life is helping others do just that.

•    We all have potential, gifts, talents and abilities
•    We are all equal and
•    Doing the right thing is key to getting the life you want

And yes the opportunities to realise our dreams are there.

This book will back up all that you do. It is packed with answers and insights, it is a logical, reasonable explanation that will also show you why you experience what you do, as well as, how you can change things for the better – see reviews below.

Read the book & see for yourself – If you enjoy what you read, use and recommend on. There is a way, there are answers, and together, we can also make a very real difference not only to our lives, our children’s but also, to the lives of others.

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GTLYW Pocket Guide

It’s your lucky day!

Due to a printing error (a colour image failed to reproduce, came out as b & w) which has meant we have 238 copies left of my new book, which we won’t be selling. Happy to give them awayfor a ‘follow’ and a ‘like’!!! Normally £7.99. Offer is limited to 1 per UK household. Bit of a promotion… but every cloud… If interested just send us your name and address and we’ll get a copy in the post to you.


DM @GTLYW message Noel Walker on FB www.facebook.com/GTLYW



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Readers Reviews for…
Get The Life You Want by Noel Walker click here

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OpenLeaf Introduction…

OpenLeaf was set up by the founder for readers of his book Get The Life You Want (for more information click on the page titled ‘About Noel Walker‘). Its primary aim was to answer questions and support those readers as they worked to change thier lives.

However, the demand has been growing for a program that would accelerate the whole process, by offering a 1 to 1 solution – if you like, not to dissimilar to learning how to drive, sure you can do so on your own, but we all know the benefits of doing so with an instructor!

We will very shortly be rolling out our new Fasttrack program. It will work with the individual and put into place a tailored program so not only would you be able to accelerate the process but the cost of doing so is also greatly reduced.

The program starts with a full evaluation of your current position from health, relationships to work and other areas in between, the fact that we already know what you are capable of experiencing means it is very easy to now put together an action plan. We then work with you to bring the life you so truly want about – it’s as simple as that.

So, whether your current issue is to do with:

  • Work;
  • Relationships;
  • Self image;
  • Health;
  • Life fulfilment;

Or any other area where you are not experiencing joy, it makes no difference. We are here to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be, and we aim to do so in the shortest possible time.

If you would like to be kept posted then click here

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Welcome to OpenLeaf

OpenLeaf is dedicated to helping you to discover your full potential.  If you are not yet living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, then visit our website www.Open-Leaf.co.uk

You have the potential and also the means of realising it.  Once realised, you too will get the life you would love to have.  It really is all there for you, from:

  • relationships to health
  • passion to life purpose
  • happiness to fulfilment

Please check out the website www.Open-Leaf.co.uk and see for yourself.  The services offered include:

  • Courses / Seminars
  • Coaching / Mentoring 1 to 1 Services
  • Our Online Foundation Course

Have a great day!

The OpenLeaf Team


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