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Noel has spent the past 17 years of his life perfecting his interest in philosophy combined with a true passion of helping people in order to write this book. No mean feat for a man who was kept busy in his early years working as a recruitment consultant and latterly as the founder of ‘OpenLeaf Life Coaching & Mentoring and OL Publishing. It’s his drive to discover a logical and reasonable explanation as to the way things truly are, and how we, the readers, can gain from this valuable insight that has led to a revolutionary line of thinking and concepts. Now is the time for YOU to increase your knowledge and get the answers you require, to get you the life you so truly deserve! To see what readers have already said about Noel’s first book Get The Life You Want – see below.


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Get The Life You Want – the original*
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Remember, Einstein’s definition of insanity;

Doing the same thing… and expecting a different result!


Get the life you want – discover what it is that will enable you to experience happiness, health, wealth, fulfilment, purpose & passion – the life you so truly want.

It is yours for the taking – but… importantly, do so – and we all benefit.


“There cannot be too much joy.” (Spinoza)


“Real happiness springs from the employment

of a natural talent.” (Anon)


Do something different today… for ONLY £7.99 you can experience and benefit from this revolutionary line of thinking. Get the NEW ‘Get The Life You Want pocket guide’. It’s packed with answers and insights. From making the ‘right’ decisions to discovering the ‘right’ opportunities – all is covered.

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Still not sure…

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We are all equal, we all have potential and we all posses the inherent ability to realise it – do so, and we experience a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, driven by purpose & passion and filled with joy. If you have children… read this click here

£7.99…  To purchase, for more information or

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Together, we really can make a very big difference.

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