Get The Life You Want


So, what do you get from living life to the full?

A happy, healthy & fulfilling one, driven by purpose & passion,

filled with meaning & joy,

where you feel so alive, and life is just great.


All is connected. NOW… discover how to get the life you want.

The pocket guide was specifically written in order to inspire YOU. To also give YOU the tools so that YOU can immediately put your best foot forward and start getting the results you want. It demonstrates ‘why’, and ‘how’ all is possible; from the hand you have to play in your own life experiences, to being able to get the life that YOU so truly want – all for only £7.99. Discover NOW how YOU can – if after reading the pocket guide you wish to accelerate things, then utilise our mentoring program and we’ll work with you.”  Noel Walker


Packed with answers and insights.

Only £7.99

To get a copy click here

The Get The Life You Want pocket guide is the perfect pocket coach. It’s a great quick read in order to get the perfect overview as to how all is connected, from your place in the overall scheme of things to gaining an insight as to how you too can bring about, all that you truly want. To purchase or for more info / back cover click here.

Get the answers and insights you require… if you are not living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, driven by purpose and passion, and filled with meaning and joy, along with the lifestyle you want. £7.99 is a small investment but one, that will make a huge difference and give you a phenomenal return.


The ‘Get the Life You Want’ pocket guide is a great book, full of tips, exercises, tools and techniques for getting your life back on track and keeping it there. It is bursting with information which is broken down into bite- sized chunks, with a useful summary at the end of each section. Buy it and you won’t be able to put it down!

HJ – Ashby de la Zouch

After losing my partner I was at a very low point in my life with no real direction. Noel Walker changed all that. Rather than stagnating in grief, I am now realising my dreams. As they say, the key to true happiness is discovering how to live our dreams. Don’t ever let negativity stop you from pursuing your right to a happy and full life. This pocket guide goes everywhere with me and has certainly shown me how to get the most out of life and live every day to the full.

CW – Bournemouth

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Remember, Einstein’s definition of insanity;

Doing the same thing… and expecting a different result!


  1. Today… do something different.
  2. Make this year your year.
  3. Get yourself a copy… and see for yourself click here, it’s also the perfect gift – make someones day!!!


Have a great day!

The OpenLeaf Team


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